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Celebrate Social Circus Day Around the Globe!

Now celebrating its third year, Social Circus Day is April 7th. Championed by the Asian Social Circus Association (ASCA), it has caught on as a day to embrace the work circus practitioners around the globe do in the name of humanity. Although the definition of social circus is often debated, the fields social circus practitioners work in give us a good idea of the sector. The most prevalent type of social circus organization worldwide is engaging  with at-risk or impoverished youth. But there are also social circuses that work with the physically disabled community, with elderly people, with the homeless and with people with learning differences. Since the concept behind social circus is that the practice of this diverse art form can help people overcome challenges and gain new skills that bolster confidence and foster collaboration, it is an apt tool for such a wide range of the population. The understanding that circus is for all ages and types of people has long been part of the circus mythos, so it is no stretch that this philosophy of inclusion is one that social circus educators have taken to heart. Today we celebrate some of the organizations that make a big impact on their chosen communities through the craft of social circus.
Happy Social Circus Day and please let us know how you celebrate the day with your circus clan!   Cirque du Monde –Montreal, Quebec, Canada “At Cirque du Soleil, we completely reinvented circus arts and became a world leader in artistic entertainment. Established in Montreal, we have brought wonder and delight to over 180 million spectators with 42 productions that have taken place in close to 450 cities in 60 countries. We strive to be a good neighbor at our offices and in the cities we visit by building relationships with communities through activities and programs that benefit at-risk youth. This cause is a natural fit for a company founded by street performers. We speak to youth in a language that is built into our DNA: art.” When asked what ways they will ramp up their social circus outreach this year, Anik Couture (head of community relations) says, “Our success (at Cirque du Soleil) relies on partnerships. It is not different ...
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Kim Campbell

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