Chamäleon Berlin Receives the German Federal Theater Award

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Chamäleon Berlin Receives the German Federal Theater Award

Chamäleon Berlin has been named one of the four recipients of this year’s Federal Theater Prize, according to an announcement made by German Minister of State for Culture, Claudia Roth, on Wednesday. The prestigious award, valued at 100,000 euros, is bestowed in the category of “Private Theaters and Guest Theaters.” The award presentation will take place on October 11th during a grand gala held at the Berlin Festival House, with the Minister of State representing the Federal Government.

The jury’s citation commended Chamäleon Berlin as a “pioneer in the dynamic evolution of the performing arts, transcending existing boundaries between genres and operational formats.” This Berlin-based theater is recognized for its contemporary circus productions, harnessing its artistic and audience potential to transform age-old questions about culture, subcultures, and solid versus free, into physically tangible aesthetic energy. The jury also lauded the theater’s resilience during the pandemic, acknowledging how it managed to thrive despite 18 months of closure, unpredictable conditions, and financial uncertainty. The Chameleon has not only reemerged with fresh artistic vigor but has also extended support to international companies, fostered new co-productions, initiated residency programs, and expanded accessibility for audiences.

Chameleon’s director, Anke Politz, and managing director, Hendrik Frobel, expressed their immense joy, pride, and gratitude upon receiving the news. They see this award as a significant endorsement not only for their theater but also for the broader contemporary circus scene in Germany. Politz and Frobel emphasized that the recognition belongs to their exceptional team, as well as to all the artists and partners who have embarked on this daring and labor-intensive journey with them. They emphasized their commitment to continually reassess and evolve their values and methods to prioritize artistic creation and social interaction at the heart of their work. This prize not only acknowledges their years of dedication but also underscores the potential within the contemporary circus art form.

Main Image: The building of Chamäleon Berlin. Wiki Common. 

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