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Circa’s New Paths to Success

Of course I had heard the stories about Circa. Consistently in festival delivery mode. Hundreds of performances a year around the globe – with a tiny staff. An Artistic Director who barely sleeps.

But 10 months into my role as Executive Director, I’ve discovered that the real secret to Circa’s success is both simpler and more complex. By constantly asking, ‘what is possible?’ the company has pioneered a new approach to circus and arts leadership, management and producing.

These are challenging times for our sector and planet: scarcity of resources forces us to address issues around survival, rather than prosperity. At Circa we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to grow, but there are still many things we need to improve – from diversity to sector engagement to public visibility. In asking these questions, we acknowledge we don’t have the answers – but we do have the will to find them…
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