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Circus and Changing Realities 2020–Somatic Movement Solutions in Times of Stress

Welcome to Circus and Changing Realities 2020In this episode titled Somatic Solutions in Times of Stress, we have gathered professionals in physiotherapy and performing arts medicine to discuss the role of physical therapy and therapeutic care in circus. Topics will cover physiotherapy techniques and goals specifically for the circus artist, trends in training and injury patterns, and even explore how working with circus performers has changed during the quarantine period. Our moderators, frequent CircusTalk contributors James Wellington and Daniel Nogueira will even dig into some advice for the circus artist during this time of closed venues and training spaces.
This is a multi-part panel about how trauma affects circus artists during this time of turmoil we are facing. The first panel solely focuses on COVID-19 related challenges that circus artists face with advice from this panel of physiotherapists. In the next panel, the moderators and panelists will explore how physical therapy can support POC in the circus community especially during this time of heightened trauma. . Moderators ….. Panelists …… ...
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Daniel Nogueira

Daniel Nogueira is a professional led by the most recent neuroscience studies about pain and modern concepts on performance and motor control. He has more than 13 years of experience in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions, having worked with groups ranging from professional performing arts community to sedentary and elderly population. He seeks to empower people who suffer with pain processes through knowledge, identifying and changing harmful physical and mental patterns, as well as to contribute to the development of physiotherapy and education in pain.