Circus Arts Graduates of 2022 Spotlight – Igniting Careers

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Circus Arts Graduates of 2022 Spotlight – Igniting Careers

Graduation is a time for celebration, but in this industry, we know the real work is just beginning for these artists! Not only did they dedicate themselves to years of studying, but they did it all during a pandemic that forced them to adapt to the rapidly changing expectations of the circus industry. A huge congratulations to these circus arts graduates who are now embarking on the next stage of their careers: the professional market.
Kicking off your circus career is no simple feat, but after years of hard work and historic challenges, the class of 2022 is ready to enter the next stage of their journey—and to appear on many more stages to come! Presenting the Graduates of 2022 Spotlight! We’re proud to highlight a few circus school graduates who have not only already accomplished one amazing feat, but who are also setting themselves up for career success by making themselves accessible to talent seekers on their CircusTalk profiles: Michelle Mazzarella (NECCA), Juan Luisangel Gongora Jaramillo (ÉCQ), and Will Aaron (Circadium). ...
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Em Holt

Em Holt (they/she/he) is a genderfluid mover, burlesque dancer, drag performer and acrobat based in Florida, US. With a background in high level competitive gymnastics, circus arts and multidisciplinary dance, their diverse capabilities allow them to meet a variety of physical requirements and personas on stage. These days, Em independently travels and tours the US as burlesque and circus bombshell, Karma Carnelian. Karma's performance style seamlessly blends classic and neo burlesque choreography with dynamic acrobatic chair and floor work. Karma has performed coast to coast, from the Hubba Hubba Revue in San Francisco, CA, to the House of Blues in Chicago, IL, to countless productions in their home state. Em received their BA in Advertising in 2019 and MS in Integrated Marketing in 2021 from Florida State University, where they also performed teeterboard, flying, swinging and double trapeze in The FSU Flying High Circus from 2016-2020. Em first joined CircusTalk first as a journalism intern in 2020, and currently serves as the team's Community Manager, creating written and digital content for the site, and managing the companies' social media channels.