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Circus Companies in West Bengal Stare at Losses, Uncertainty Amid Lockdown

The corona-triggered current lockdown has thrown life out of gear for many in West Bengal, including that of circus owners, performers and the animals the keep, as most of the are struggling to make ends meet amid depleting food stock and other essential items.

Circus companies across the state have been out of business since early March when the scare over the pandemic started gaining ground.

Performers of Ajanta Circus, one of the oldest in the state, are currently stranded in Kishanganj near the West Bengal-Bihar border, with just little food left in store.

“Since March 8, we are stranded in Kishanganj. We couldn’t move out as the panic had spread… Then came the lockdown… Every day, food, maintenance and lodging cost us around Rs 45,000. We haven’t earned a penny in the last one month,” Rabiqul Haq, owner of Ajanta Circus, told PTI…

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