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Circus Festival Letní Letná in Full Swing

“We cooperate with the Prague hygiene station and follow the recommendations of experts. Based on a government decision, we have reduced the capacity of the circus tent to 500 people, where it will also be obligatory to have the nose and mouth covered with a mask,” says Jiří Turek, director of the Letní Letná festival. Other measures are communicated by the organizers on the festival website.

The foreign ensemble – Galapiat Cirque from France – returns to Letní Letná after eight years. And straight with a world premiere. The domestic audience will be the first to see the novelty L’âne et la carrote, i.e. Donkey and Carrot“Using a series of numbers, one man tells his story of a circus artist. Thanks to his faithful helper, he realizes that if you want to change the world, you must start by changing yourself,” describes the festival director Jiří Turek the upcoming performance the pre-premiere of which he saw in France before the outbreak of the pandemic.

The premiere of the documentary Skywalk over Prague will be a reminder of the unprecedented opening of the last year’s edition of the festival when the tightrope walker Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga walked over the Vltava River on a 350-meter long rope at a height of 35 metres. The documentary will be screened with the participation of the authors and will be open to the public free of charge…

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