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Circus Historians to Gather July 18-21 in Baraboo for Convention

Adding to a jam-packed week of festivities tied to the Big Top Parade, the Circus Historical Society will hold its annual convention in Baraboo July 18-21.

More than 130 circus fans have registered for educational sessions, entertainment and fellowship. The leaders of all major, circus-focused history collections in the U.S. will be in attendance, along with academics, private researchers, collectors, history enthusiasts and traveling show veterans.

“Circus Historical Society members always look forward to visiting Baraboo,” president Don Covington said. “Your city is consistently the most popular location for our annual conventions, thanks to its rich circus history, central location and the unparalleled resources of Circus World and the Parkinson Library.”

Baraboo has been a frequent site for the group’s convention, most recently in 2012. This year’s gathering was scheduled to coincide with Baraboo’s annual Circus Celebration, including a Thursday night circus band concert and a street parade Saturday.


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