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A surreal artform in a surreal region

A little quote from ‘Flanders is the northern federated state of Belgium with Brussels as its capital. It is the gateway to Europe and is located less than 500 km from the major European capitals. It shares its own capital with the EU, NATO and numerous other international institutions and companies. Together with the renowned seaports, extensive rail and road network, the productive and highly educated population, the excellent healthcare and the R&D-friendly climate, all of this is what makes Flanders unique in Europe.’

Of course they forgot to mention that circus is what makes Flanders really unique. Okay, we have chocolate and beer, we have Eddy Merckx and Eden Hazard, we have Luc Tuymans, Alain Platel, dEUS, Raf Simons and Matthias Schoenaerts. But we also have Circus Ronaldo, Cie Ea Eo, d’irque & fien, Alexander Vantournhout, Circus Katoen, Bert & Fred, Collectif Malunés, 15Feet6 and Rode Boom, just to name a few. And what’s most important: in Flanders, life is circus. Flemish people are strange, absurd, humorous, edgy and surreal. Like circus. Correction: like Flemish circus. It’s a surreal artform in a surreal region.

10 short films

Watch this out! Circuscentrum made 10 short films that show the incredible diversity & originality of circus companies in Flanders. Every week in October and November 2017 we release one new clip. Make sure to turn your music on! Credits: Jakob Rosseel (camera & editing), Tomas Vanderplaetse/Suntapes (music).

Read the whole article and see all 10 films at Circus Centrum


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