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Circus & Its Others II–A Call for Papers

The Montreal Working Group has recently announced via press release the details of their second conference on Circus & Its Others. Here are all the details for interested circademics:
CALL FOR PAPERS Circus and its Others II Conference, 27-29 August 2018, Prague From powerhouse stage and television shows to Cirque du Soleil’s status as the world’s most successful live performing arts company, circus in the early 21st century has undeniably gone mainstream. While this is positive news for circus companies, artists, and audiences with a taste for thrilling, high-performance entertainment, it also raises questions about circus’s historic status as a site for the celebration and exploitation of differences. To what extent and in what ways is circus always-already different, and about difference? How does the mainstreaming of contemporary circus affect its status as a haven for the different, the outsider? In what ways are contemporary circus artists and companies embracing and exploiting (or not) difference in their practice? How do we di...
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