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Circus Oz takes Model Citizens to Parramatta for Sydney Festival

In its 42nd year, Sydney Festival takes place from the 6–28 January 2018, to turn the Australian capital  into a cultural hub for a month. Circus Oz will be there.

WATCH out, Parramatta. Fire-eaters, knife-throwers, aerialists and acrobats will take over Prince Alfred Square during the Sydney Festival in January.

But don’t worry, they’ll all be Model Citizens. At least, they’re from the new Circus Oz production of that name.

Model Citizens subjects Australian culture to some family-friendly, highwire scrutiny, according to lead performer and co-developer of the show Mitch Jones, aka Captain Ruin.

“What we’re looking at is the notion of what makes a model citizen, whether that’s about conformity to a set of norms or whether it’s about embracing your unique individuality,” Jones said.

Model Citizens will feature kooky props such as giant-sized clothes pegs and other backyard symbols. It pokes gentle fun at various Australian characteristics, knowing that one of them is our ability to laugh at ourselves.


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