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Circus Performer Seriously Injured After 36 Foot Fall in Front of Horrified Audience

Spectators at a circus show in Australia were left stunned when a performer fell from a trapeze and was left with multiple injuries.

The 28-year-old woman had been performing in the Circus Rio show at Glenelg in Adelaide on Tuesday afternoon when the accident happened, Australia’s ABC News reported.

One witness described how about 45 minutes into the show, the unnamed woman was performing on a ring on the trapeze which was about 36 feet above the ground and there was no safety net.

Initially the audience thought the fall was simply part of the show.

Alice Young told the Australian broadcaster that the performer “had the ring behind her neck and the next thing, she just went bang to the ground, straight on wood.”

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Feature photo from original article: A trapeze artist performs at the Underbelly’s Circus Hub on August 16, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland in this illustrative image. A woman trapeze artist suffered critical injuries after she fell 36 feet during a show in Glenelg, Adelaide.JEFF J MITCHELL/GETTY IMAGES