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Circus Performers on The Downs Living in ‘Absolute Squalor’ and Using Bags as Toilet, Says Ex-Worker

A circus troupe performing in Clifton have been living in “absolute squalor”, says the show’s former box office manager.

Circus Montini has been staging performances on The Downs each day since September 23 and plans to stay until October 18.

An ex-employee has claimed the living conditions for performers and staff are tantamount to “modern-day slavery”.

His claims include broken cabin windows, live wires loose in rooms, bedding covered in mould and a lack of toilets leading to workers “defecating in bin bags”.

Circus Montini owner Tony Hopkins accepts there have been some problems but says some of the allegations are not accurate and staff are “certainly not” being treated like slaves.

Bristol City Council’s environmental health team is investigating the complaint…

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