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Circus Review: GODZ [Arts Hub]

I headed to GODZ, a show by Head First Acrobats, with high expectations and my pen ready: I knew it boasted a slew of five-star-ratings from critics from its Adelaide run.

Based on the R18+ rating and the promo photos, I anticipated a Magic Mike-style parade of gleaming musculature, with a hint of humour. The kind of show that charms partly because it doesn’t purport to be more than its surface: verve, backflips, remarkable physiques.

But I was short-sighted about GODZ. If its performers utilise their looks, it is to benefit a clever, gleefully homoerotic, hilarious pantomime of Greek mythology. The show could draw crowds through its acrobatics alone, yet storytelling is far from an afterthought. … Link to full-length review at ArtsHub

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