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Circus Royale Performer Talks about Life As A Clown

Francisco Reyes remembers his first circus performance at only 11 years old when he took to the solo trapeze with his father standing ringside to calm his nerves. Now 27 years later the dedicated 38-year-old from Chile doesn’t need his father by his side to pull off the amazing acrobatic feats he’s become known for.

Francisco has been traveling around Australia with Circus Royale for five years and is in Bunbury until February 19 to perform with his own family. Francisco said he is a sixth generation circus performer whose mother and father taught him everything he knows. His mother was a solo trapeze performer like himself but stopped practicing after an accident broke both her legs and his father was a “strong man” who shattered rocks with sledgehammers on his stomach.

Link to Full Article on Bunbury Mail.

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