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Circus Smirkus Holds Annual Summer Camp with New Rules

Ella and Kyle Catanzaro are especially looking forward to this year’s Circus Smirkus summer camp. Most of the teenagers’ spring consisted of event cancellations and switching to online learning, so they say it’ll be nice to get out of the house for five weeks.

“We really have nothing planned for the summer,” Ella said, “so it would really just be sitting here at home or going there.”

In order to go to camp, the Catanzaro family had to quarantine in their Maryland home for two weeks, cutting off the possibility of catching the novel coronavirus. The siblings both said it wasn’t too difficult, after months of mostly staying inside. The only other obstacle is the 9-hour drive to Greensboro, Vermont without making any stops – again, avoiding contact with the outside world.

“We’re making sure that we’re providing the safest possible experience,” said Circus Smirkus executive director Jennifer Carlo. “That was the biggest concern for us, and making sure that the health department reviewed and signed off on all the plans…”

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