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Circus Talk Unleashes Events Feature for Circus Industry

CircusTalk added a new feature this week, and it is likely to be a very useful one for individuals as well as organizations. “We are proud to announce the release of EVENTS. Since Circus Talk launched in June of 2017 we have been experiencing exponential growth and with that comes the demand for nuanced features such as events,” explained co-founder Andrea Honis. She added, “There is a whole suite of additional features that will be unfolding in 2018, but the arrival of EVENTS in 2017 kicks it all off and is highly anticipated as a tool for getting the word out about one’s festivals, auditions, workshops, conferences and not the least, shows!”
EVENTS are not limited to any region but are open to the entire globe, allowing for the user to search by region. The handiness of this becomes clearer when you do an event search and see that you can also search by keyword, category (conference, grant application, show, festival and workshop –to name a few), and type (upcoming, past, shows). Also important to note is that the EVENTS feature is community driven, meaning that events are posted by the individuals and organizations that host these events and are shared by the wider circus community, which puts the power of its success squarely in each member’s hands. EVENTS will be an indispensable tool for circus companies, whose shows will be featured on it automatically (once the company creates a show page and adds the show dates to the show’s profile page). But it is also a useful tool for individual members who may be looking for events when they travel, or who are seeking grant opportunities, and for academ...
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