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Circus Tigers Turn on Trainer, Maul Him to Death Despite Frantic Attempts to Intervene

Italian police are investigating after one of the country’s most famous tamers was killed by four tigers he was training.

Ettore Weber died Thursday evening during a rehearsal at Marina Orfei Circus in Triggiano, Bari, Italian newspaper Repubblica reported.

Police said they think one tiger bit Weber, prompting the other three to attack. The animals mauled the tamer for some 20 minutes, according to

Some 118 people tried to rescue Weber, but he died from his injuries. He was in his early sixties.

Weber’s show was part of the circus’s “Animal Park” event, which featured live animals from five continents. It was due to run from June 15 to July 14. The circus did not immediately respond to Newsweek’s request for comment.

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