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Circus Training Is Changing the Lives of Victims of Sexual Abuse

The circus came for the girls of Cameleon Association Philippines, a Visayas‑based non‑government organization (NGO) founded by French National Laurence Ligier in 1997. Through contortion, unicycling, acrobatics, juggling and hula hooping, the girls, who were abused sexually in the past, realized their strength and control of their bodies. On stage, they saw themselves beyond the trauma.

“We began the circus training program around ten years ago, and little by little we discovered that the girls who were quite introverted—sexual abuse survivors are often depressed or introverted—through circus training were gaining self‑confidence. They were showing their talent on stage, and to see people admiring them for what they are capable of, not talking about them just because of their past,” Ms. Ligier told SparkUp after the Metamorphosis circus performance held at the Mall of Asia Music Hall on May 29, which featured not only the girls from Cameleon but also self‑trained and professionally circus performers from France and Canada…

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