Circus Voices Podcast "see u down the road" Episode 2

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Circus Voices Podcast–see u down the road Series: Episode 2–Joel Jeske

Circus Voices, a new podcast brought to you by CircusTalk is pleased to present a podcast series called see u down the road with creators and co-producers Book Kennison and Zoë Kennison. 
In each episode, a circus artist tells the story of a big, transformational moment in their life – and the aftermath. Heart-wrenching, funny, and real, see u down the road is an unprecedented piece of work in circus media. In Episode 2, celebrated clown Joel Jeske tells the story of his coming out as gay at age 41 and the events that followed. Show Notes: The shows Joel put on in Chicago were Klown: Prick Us and We’ll Burst  and Hats on Fire/Shoes on Fire. The shows were marketed as the work of a (fictional) German clown troupe; in fact, Joel and his...
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Book Kennison

Book Kennison is a circus artist based in Chicago. His main discipline is juggling; his other pursuits include writing, music composition, and photography.