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Circus Zyair Rider Injured as Motorbike Stunt Goes Wrong at Frimley Lodge Park show

A motorcyclist failed to land properly according to a witness who was in the audience.

A motorcyclist was injured in a stunt gone wrong at a Circus Zyair show in Surrey, according to a witness who was in the audience.

The show, at Frimley Lodge Park, started at 7pm on Thursday (August 26) and the accident happened towards the end at around 9pm, the witness said.

Several people have also taken to Twitter to express their concern and their hope that the rider is okay.

The audience member, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “It was just a normal circus show and at the end you had about three bikes going around in a sphere.

“They were all going round really fast and whilst they were doing that, a bike just comes out of nowhere and jumps from one end to the other over the sphere [as part of the stunt act].

“I didn’t know how many guys were doing that, it looked like one or two. They did the stunt across it. It was the finale one or maybe the fourth jump, and as he goes across and lands he just doesn’t make the landing and just completely crashed.”

A spokesperson for South East Coast Ambulance Service said they were called to “reports of a person unconscious” at 9pm. The person was taken to Frimley Park Hospital for further treatment…

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