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Circuses Stuck Around the World! Updated 6/10/2020

From self-quarantining to social distancing, feeling “stuck” is a unanimous condition we’re experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic. But in the cases of these circus troupes and performers, COVID-19 has halted their tours and left them eerily and utterly stuck around the globe. This bizarre phenomenon is challenging their way of life, testing their survival skills, and sending us perspectives & voices from the truly stuck. This is an ongoing collection…
collection… Zirka Circus First Event in Taranaki Since Before Lockdown After curating and reading countless stories of devastation and resilience, I’m pleased to share a cautious shift in the narrative. With many adaptations and compliances, Zirka Circus took a breath, and launched their show series in Taranaki. “We&...
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Emily Holt

Currently living in Tallahassee, FL, Emily has spent the past five years nurturing her university and circus careers side by side. As a graduate student at Florida State University, she is pursuing a Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication, specializing in graphic design & videography. Outside her classes, she performs with the FSU Flying High Circus, only one of two collegiate circuses in the US. Here, her disciplines include swinging trapeze, teeterboard and flying trapeze - all of which completely set her soul on fire. Emily is a part of the CircusTalk team as a journalism and marketing intern, where her communication skills and circus passions work in perfect harmony.