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Cirque du Soleil in New Vegas Show Leaves the Acrobats Out

The news just broke, Cirque du Soleil, in a continued effort to diversify and distance itself from their brand as simply circus creators, is mounting a big show in Vegas without circus in it.

NEW YORK>> Cirque du Soleil is planning a new live show for the Las Vegas Strip this fall but there’s a twist — there won’t be a single whimsical clown.

The Montreal-based circus company that has for years found success combining aerial acts, bombastic music and flimsy plots is shifting gears to present its “first live-action thriller,” one written by renowned film director Robert Rodriguez.

“R.U.N ” at a theater in the Luxor Las Vegas hotel will feature fast-paced chases, combat and stunts, drawing inspiration from action movies and graphic novels. The action will spill off the stage and into the audience. There will be no acrobats…

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