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Cirque Éloize’s Stylish New Creation HOTEL

As part of our three-part series Circus Talk will run this year on the 25th anniversary of Cirque Éloize, we end with a review of their latest creation HOTEL.
There’s a bustling of action around the front desk. A celebrity comes in laden with bags, a tourist bumps into a maid. The maître d’hôtel is trying hard not to lose it completely and someone steps on the handyman’s dog. It’s chaos of course, but it’s calculated chaos, brilliant comedic fodder and circus that hits the spot. Montréal-based company Cirque Éloize, known for its snappy theatrical brand of contemporary circus, is celebrating its 25th year by staging a new creation, Hotel – a co-production with TOHU and Place des Arts, staged at Théâtre Maisonneuve. 25 years is a long time no matter which way y...
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Rebecca Galloway

Rebecca is a writer, critic, commentator and communications consultant based in Montréal. She has worked across a mish-mash of arts and design disciplines over her 15 year career—contemporary dance, circus, data visualization, opera, visual art, digital storytelling, ballet and literature. Originally from NZ, she’s spent the better part of the last decade living and working in the US and Canada.