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Coronavirus: Cirque du Soleil Artists Hold Protest over Work Contracts they Say went Unpaid

On the day of the Cirque du Soleil’s 36th anniversary, some of its employees and artists gathered in front of the circus’ marquee in Montreal’s Old Port on Tuesday to mark the occasion and to demand they get paid nearly $1.5 million they claim they are owed for services they provided before the novel coronavirus pandemic hit.

“We used to have huge celebrations with employees from around the world but today it’s not possible,” said Gabriel Dubé-Dupuis, a spokesperson for the Regroupement des Artisans des Arts du Cirque du Soleil (RAAC), which represents 115 freelance employees at the circus.

“It’s tainted by the fact that all shows have stopped. But also that artisans and creative forces at the Cirque are not being paid.”

Around 35 members showed up in front of the cirus’s big top where they raised a symbolic tent. They were joined by the Cirque’s co-founder Gilles Ste-Croix who was there to show his support…

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