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Covid: Gerry Cottle, Circus Showman and Wookey Hole Caves Owner, Remembered as ‘The Greatest Showman on Earth’

Circus boss Gerry Cottle was known for touring big tops around Britain and the world for decades. He trained as a performer in 1960s before making his name running them in 1970s.

His circuses were featured on the BBC programme Seaside Special for a brief time in the mid seventies.

A pioneer in the industry, he joined the campaign for animal-free circuses in the 1990s and in a departure from the more traditional acts introduced the Circus of Horrors with John Haze, aslo known as Doctor Haze, which still runs today.

He also brought the Moscow and Chinese State Circuses to local parks. He retired in 2003 and established a circus school and museum at Wookey Hole Caves in Somerset…

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