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Creating an Acrobatic Design 01 – Blue Sky Talk w/Chad Leslie

“Creating an Acrobatic Design” is a panel discussion series by four students from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston Salem, NC. The panel consists of Houston Odum (Scene Designer), Bradlee Hager (Graduate Automation), Pablo Gonzalez (Scene Design), and Joshua Lawson (Props).
Every episode explores the process of creating a new Acrobatic Design, including everything from “Blue Sky” idea generation, to technical limits, and artistic concepts. Join these students alongside with circus industry professionals as they set out to design, create, model, and animate a brand new acrobatic concept!

This panel features the students from UNC School of the Arts and Chad Leslie, former artistic director for Franco Dragone’s House of Dancing Water and La Perle. They discuss their progress on developing a new apparatus, as well as principle’s of acrobatic design such as act pacing, artistic concept, and safety.

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