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Creating Employment for Top Acrobats. A Conversation with Abdel Senhadji from Compagnie XY

I had arranged to meet up with Abdel Senhadji in the bar of Festival Circolo in Liempde, on a sunny autumn day in October. With a fair share of anticipation I awaited my meeting with a true celebrity (by circus norms), armed with a series of carefully prepared questions, in my best French, about his artistic vision, how the collective functions and his future plans. Abdel’s answers were extensive and focused, he stayed on course and knew better than I did where all of the diversions in our conversation originated. Exactly what you would expect from someone who in his fifties still has the acrobatic prowess to stand any comparisons with his twenty year old colleagues, and who together with his former partner Mahmoud Louertani founded one of the most influential acrobatic collectives of our times: Compagnie XY. I’d soon set my questions to the side, as our animated conversation diverged to the questions of collectivity, transparent communication and the pride of the circus artist…

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