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Creation Hubs, the Lowdown

As well as hearing the basics on what each creation hub has to offer, we will discuss some broader questions like:

Why is it important to provide creation hubs for circus?

How do you think the hubs can, and do, contribute to artform development?

Can we do more to encourage diversity and inclusion through these programs?

How do the hubs work within the companies’ other activities? Do they ever clash?

What other opportunities would you like to see offered to smaller companies to support their creation, and their sustainability?


Ruth Wikler…/artists-…/research-and-creative-residences/

Tilde Bjorfors

Jean-Marc Broqua – Le Gainerie, Toulouse

Abigail Yeates –  Centre de Creation

Samuel Tetreault – The 7 Fingers Studios

Kimzyn Campbell – Circus Talk

Aaron Marquise – Contemproary Circus and Immersive Arts Center

Link to Panel Video at The Circus Arts Hub.


The Circus Arts Hub

The Circus Arts Hub is in the process of becoming a formal organization under Victorian Law in Australia. Their mission is to contribute to the development of the circus arts through connecting diverse circus artists and other circus arts professionals across the globe.

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