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Crisis Management and the Virtual Office

At Circa, we are familiar with crisis situations. Risk is part of our world, and one of the key elements of our art that enthralls audiences across the globe. As we traverse between 10 and 15 countries each year, complications caused by travel cancellations, extreme weather events and of course illness and injury are managed with efficiency, practicality and detailed communication.

During my first trip on tour with the company, I saw a group of our artists overcome a blizzard that had left them stranded in New York. With emergency accommodation and transport managed by Circa teams spread across three different countries, our artists got to their required destination of Montreal where they delivered an incredible showcase performance to 80 arts presenters. One of the people on the phone and emails wrangling the logistics was Artistic Director and CEO, Yaron Lifschitz. At Circa, we all pitch in.

A few weeks ago, as we formalised a crisis management plan in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, I marvelled at the resilience and ingenuity of my colleagues and our company. I also realised that not only were we equipped to face the challenges that lay ahead, but perhaps our modus operandi could serve as some sort of road map in uncertain and isolated times…

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