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Criss Angel, Franco Dragone Club It Up With Mr. Smiles & Molly

Martin & Lewis. Siegfried & Roy. Allen & Rossi. Penn & Teller. Donny & Marie.

And now, Mr. Smiles & Molly.

Veteran entertainment visionaries Franco Dragone and Criss Angel are collaborating in a new venue under that title, set to open in Las Vegas this year.

It makes artistic and symmetrical sense. Dragone has long been eager to return to Las Vegas, where he originally blazed a trail (even in water) with Cirque du Soleil. Angel is forever seeking new avenues to mix magic in different entertainment mediums.

Details are scant, at the moment. But we can say the new venture will not replace Angel’s sidelined “Mindfreak” show at Planet Hollywood. Angel spokesman Dave Kirvin said Monday, “It’s a completely new show separate from ‘Mindfreak,’ which plans to run for many, many years in the future.”

Characteristic of such ethereal projects, describing what we’ll experience is akin to capturing a vapor in a bottle.

“Interactive Immersive Euphoria” is the uppercase explanation in the news release issued Monday morning. Dragone says it’s a “bold fusion between the world of electronic music and theatre.”

Formally, the venue is a production of Dragone’s theatrical company and Criss Angel Studios. Such details as “where” and “when” are to follow for what is billed as a surreal pre-nightclub experience.

There is a broad hint this will be an ongoing creative partnership, as the announcement states it is “the first partnership” between Dragone and Angel. Both have built alliances in the past with Cirque du Soleil, with Dragone developing “O” at Bellagio and “Mystere” at Treasure Island…

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