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Crossing Boundaries–An Open Letter from Tilde Björfors

In her heartfelt introduction letter in the playbill to Cirkus Cirkör‘s show Limits, founder Tilde Björfors explains why the time for a show about boundaries, crossing boarders and belonging is so important for our humanity. Limits is currently touring Europe thru the fall.
Dear Audience, Anything is possible! Boundaries are meant to be crossed. Limits are meant to be exceeded! We human beings can do so much more than we believe, if we dare to challenge our limitations! That was the feeling I had when I giddily walked out from my first-ever contemporary circus show, the French group Archaos’ guest performance in Stockholm when I was in my 20s. In France, a few years later, I understood that this was not an isolated event but part of an established art form –  Cirque Nouveau. Here, the boundaries of the possible were being pushed. Here, there were practice facilities and even a contemporary circus college. Imagine if this had existed in Sweden when I was growing up? What would my life have been like then? “When I was little, I used to think people moved around the Earth to keep the globe in balance. When we close borders and build fences, we cause the Earth to lose its equilibrium and tip over.”...
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