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Cruising Along with The 7 Fingers in a New Direction

In February of 2020, The 7 Fingers will officially be moving in to a new market, cruise ship entertainment. Along with a whole new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, on a ship named Scarlet Lady, they will be launching a whole new side of their company. Change, expansion, pushing the limits and trying new things–these are actions the directors at The 7 Fingers have never shied away from, but some may be asking why the cruise industry, which seems to offer smaller audiences and tighter venues?
Gypsy Snider & Tina Diab at the recent press conference in New York announcing the new partnership Shana Carroll had an answer for that when I spoke to her by phone this past weekend, and it points to the novelty of the whole Virgin Voyages concept which is aiming to attract a younger more urban arts loving crowd, “They actually built the space for our show. There was this idea of having a modular theater. It’s basically a black box and you see it in different formations...
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Kim Campbell

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