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Dale Circus 2020 with Francisco Olviedo

In this video, Dale Circo Program promotes their campaign to create new members in order to further their initiative of developing better global citizens through the circus arts. 

During 2020, we had the pleasure of working together with Francisco Oviedo, Physical Education teacher, who participated as a teacher with the MiniCompañía boys and girls from our circus. Here is the account of Francisco, at the end of his process. Dale Circo Program is a campaign to make new members and partners, to help us with our work. “The education of today and of the future requires that we observe and learn from educational phenomena that are outside the formal limits, and the educational circus is presented as a learning possibility for the adults who guide these processes,” Francisco Oviedo.

El Circo del Mundo Chile is a non-profit NGO that since 1995 has promoted the circus in Chile as a performing art that transforms and contributes to the development of people. 

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