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Dancing With Gravity: Episode #30, I’m Starting to Show Signs of Quarantine Disorders

Cyril Rabbath has been juggling for the past 25 years. He toured the world in productions with Cirque du Soleil and appeared in various TV shows. He has won a dozen awards at international circus festivals, including 3 gold medals. Rabbath has been teaching in national circus schools around the world to help the next generation of artists reach their full potential. He also created an online juggling school called Gravity Juggling Arts where he mentors jugglers. And now he has created a podcast called Dancing With Gravity. Listen in here…
Episode 30: This episode is about the effects of the quarantine on artists, the solutions to keep learning, and the motivation to keep practicing.

Cyril Rabbath

Cyril has been juggling and performing for the past 25 years. He has won a dozen awards including 3 Gold medals in circus Festivals around the world. Cyril has worked in many productions in cabaret, opera, street, theater, and circus including the Cirque du Soleil show Dralion. He teaches juggling at his online school: Gravity Juggling Arts. Cyril produces a podcast called Dancing With Gravity, and performs as a speaker in various industries in the US and abroad.