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Décennie 2010: La Reconnaissance du Cirque (Decade 2020: The Recognition of Circus)

Taking a broad view of the circus institutions’ and offerings in Quebec, reporter Jean Siag of La Press discusses the influence of the region’s circus, saying, “Over the last 10 years, the circus has become a discipline in itself, with its own venues – mainly TOHU, but now also The Monastery and The Chapel – a festival and a dozen active companies which radiate in Quebec and abroad. Created thanks to the impetus of the TOHU, but also the three flagship companies established in Montreal – Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize and Les 7 doigts – this festival dedicated to circus arts (without competition) was created. in 2010 and thus celebrated its 10th birthday last summer. Directed since its inception by Nadine Marchand, Montréal, a complete circus, allowed festival-goers to discover several contemporary circus troupes (from here and elsewhere) with different roots and styles. Although small in size (about ten indoor performances per summer), the festival has grown in popularity thanks to its free outdoor events, including the emblematic daily show of Place Émilie-Gamelin.”

Siag goes on to explain the impact of the Montréal Complèment Cirque Festival and Cirque du Soleil on Quebec and the growth of the circus economy, the roles the two circus schools play (École de cirque de Québec (ECQ) and Ecole national de cirque (ENC)) and explains the impetus behind The Monestary which is one of the few smaller venues that regularly program local performers in Montreal.

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