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Down on Clowns Lately? Not After Meeting This Ringling Bros. Clown Turned Entrepreneur

Clowns have gotten a bad rap lately in the news, but this clown turned entrepreneur, startup innovator, and TED talk veteran is no Bozo. He shares six lessons for entrepreneurial success.

The nationwide creepy-clown scare may have you clown-jaded, but Paul Miller will redeem his profession.

After Miller’s years of success as a Ringling Bros. Circus clown, the late 1990’s brought the entrepreneurial bug.

Miller’s idea: Take the art of circus and its benefits and apply it in novel ways. He knew when he taught a child to juggle or spin plates on a stick to uplifting result, he empowered them.

What if he could apply that empowering experience where it was most needed? Like with anarchist kids always in trouble at school, or at hospitals where sick children felt their disease sapping their sense of control.

And like the boom of a circus cannon–a social minded businesswas born.

Miller launched Circus Mojo in 2009 after honing his circus for self-esteem idea in other endeavors. Today Circus Mojo is nearing a quarter of a million dollars in revenue, even as industry stalwarts like Big Apple Circus have folded their tents. Miller is also starting a microbrewery, Bircus Beer, to sell beer at circus events and bars.

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