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Duffy’s Circus May Face Final Curtain as it Celebrates 150 Years

David Duffy, the managing director of Duffy’s Circus, lives, eats and breathes the big tent, the performers, the noise. This year, Duffy’s Circus, a staple of fairgrounds and festivals, celebrates its 150th anniversary. It could be its last.

“There is a very high chance that we will not be coming back when we normally do in March. I would say there is a 20 percent chance of us ever reopening,” said Duffy, the sixth generation of Duffys to run the circus.

“It could very realistically be its last. I’ve never had to have that type of discussion before with my family, especially with my two sons Tom jnr, 27, and Jamie, 24, who have followed along into the business.”

For the family, the lockdown has been a bitter blow, since Duffy’s continued in business during the Civil War, the War of Independence, even the foot-and-mouth crisis, only to be stopped in its tracks by Covid 19…

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