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Edgar Zapashny: ”If We Remember The Universiade In Kazan, Only The Canadian Circus Was Represented In The Leisure Park”

In the English language publication “Realnoe Vremya,” providing business and cultural news about Russia, Tatiana Mamaeva examines the consequences and reactions to the Russian Cultural Ministry’s latest decision on imposing sanctions against foreign circuses.


Not a long time ago, the Canadian circus announced that it would perform Totemshow staged by Robert Lepage in Sochi where citizens of Kazan can go considering a direct flight. The year did not begin with pleasant news. The Ministry of Culture of Russia offered to impose sanctions on the foreign circus. It is chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Culture of Russia Pavel Pozhigailo’s initiative. Realnoe Vremya found out the details.

”It is difficult to compete with them”

The situation can affect not only circuses but also companies that perform shows in Russia. The initiative can be discussed in the ministry before the end of January, though Pavel Pozhigailo says that they are likely to be speaking about a development concept of Russian circus. Nevertheless, talks about the limitation of the activity are held. If it happens, Canadian circus Cirque du Soleil, which became incredibly popular in Russia that citizens of Kazan saw in summer 2010 for the first time, can also have problems. As Pozhigailo thinks, it is difficult to compete with the Canadians because of their high budget. The statement is quite strange because competition in any sphere has a good impact on the result.

What sanctions can be imposed on foreign circuses? First of all, reduction of the number of performances, implementation of a system of requirements to performances and selection of circus collectives that work under foreign brands.

Representative of a legendary Russian circus family, director of the Big Moscow State Circus Edgar Zapashny supported Pozhigailo’s initiative. ”If you look at the opening of the Olympic Games, Cirque du Soleil will be named ten times. If we remember the Universiade in Kazan, only the Canadian circus was represented in the leisure park. It all happens in our homeland,” Edgar Zapashny comments. One can read about an expansion of foreign circus between the lines of this comment.

Link to Full Article on Realnoe Vremya.

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