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11th Mexican Circonvention – The Heart of Circus in Mexico

More than 200 circus artists gathered during the inauguration of the 11th Mexican Circonvention at the CAD Campus of the Universidad Veracruzana in the municipality of Xalapa, where major Hipólito Rodríguez opened the event .

Jugglers, aerialists, acrobats, and clowns gathered Veracruz to celebrate the 11th Mexican Circonvention, the meeting that symbolizes the heart of the Mexican circus community.  The Mexican circus convention is an annual meeting in which workshops of different circus disciplines are taught with some of the greatest national and foreign experts and artists. In addition, during the five nights of the festival, free circus performances are offered, from amateur jugglers to the most experienced.

This traditionally annual had a three year hiatus from 2015-2018. Jorge Reza, co-director of the convention, say that the break hurt the circus community. There is a  new executive team that is working hard to bring back the convention to the community.

Reza believes that the Mexican circus has a great momentum of progress and points out the “spirit of change” that exists in the country and that has an effect on the circus community, as well.  “I think we are in a big circus moment and will continue to grow … I think it will grow, it is just the spirit of change that is coming, a sincere spirit … we are in good times to develop new projects, “he said.

Link to full length article in Spanish at La Razon de Mexico.

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