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Alex Mizzen’s Invisible Things

Alex Mizzen is a creative who uses circus and dance-theatre to make evocative, challenging works. She is a world-class hand-balancer, graduate of National Ballet Theatre and has a bio peppered with seasons with the world’s best new circus companies, including Les 7 Doigts de la Main (CA), Company 2, CIRCA Contemporary Circus, and La Soirée.

In 2016 she injured her neck badly on tour. Along the pathway to recovery, she entered a phase of introspection and research as an artist, teacher, choreographer and director. Out of this came her incredible one-woman show INVISIBLE THINGS, which won Director’s Pick of the Festival for its debut at Brisbane’s Anywhere Theatre Festival 2018.

Here she breaks down that process of recovery and resilience.


Big exhale….

So. Two and a half years ago I fell apart. First physically, then emotionally, and then mentally. This show is about what led me to that moment…

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