BETA CIRCUS - Addressing New Trends in Contemporary Circus

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BETA CIRCUS – Addressing New Trends in Contemporary Circus

Launched by four European partners, the Beta Circus project lays the groundwork for contemporary circus practice in partnered countries by offering artists on-trend professional training, with the inaugural curriculum focused on magie nouvelle. Here’s how the program’s first year went down– and how they’re making magic happen.
The Beta Circus project was put together by four partner organisations ā€“ BĆŗssola in Portugal, Teatro Necessario in Italy, Ludifico in Serbia, and Rigas Cirks in Latvia ā€“ with two central goals: to address a lack of advanced professional training for contemporary circus in their countries, and, at the same time, to support access to new aesthetic trends in the circus field, for artists and audiences. 12 artists were selected from 11 countries to participate following an open call. As a starting point, the four partners chose to focus on magie nouvelle. The Beta Circus project was structured not as a closely defined curriculum but as an open-ended introduction to the form. Taking place through a string of short intensives spread over almost a year, it involved a large number of activities but was gathered around a central axis of six workshops with six teachers. These tutors embodied not only different artistic styles but also entirely different techniques and subgenres i...
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