The Great American Circus: Vazquezes’ FLIP Circus Welcomes All to Join the Family

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The Latest American Circus: Vazquezes’ FLIP Welcomes Everyone to the Family

Launching its first tour in March, FLIP Circus is the latest offering from the renowned Vazquez family. Created to run separately from Circus Vasquez, the new FLIP Circus brand aims to honor authentic American entertainment by promising diverse, all-inclusive shows to English-speaking families nationwide.
In the midst of massive disruption to the entertainment industry, a new American circus is born. For over 200 years, circuses have amazed, astounded, and amused families and friends across America. But with so many screens and things vying for our attention, these days it’s easier than ever to find entertainment– but can feel harder than ever for audiences to step outside their bubbles. This is where the Vazquez family saw market potential. They rose to the challenge with the launch of ...
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