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Break the Divide. Change Your Molecules with Circus: A Conversation with Programmer Monique Martin

In our new series called Meet the Presenter-Tag, we explore the world of circus arts programming with different presenters and programmers from around the world, delving in to the particulars of their region, and learning more about their specialty and the industry standards that they help to develop. At the end of each featured interview with the presenter, we will ask them to recommend the next presenter or programmer to be featured.
It made my day to speak with Monique Martin, Director of Programming, at Harlem Stage. We spoke at length about her role as a contemporary circus advocate, the art form, economics, and audiences. Martin has brought contemporary circus to NYC’s Summer Stage program, has created touring connections for international companies with North American programmers and is dedicated to making circus accessible. If there’s anything to know about Martin, it is that presenters like her are a vit...
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Madeline Hoak

Madeline is a NYC based performer, producer, professor, and choreographer specializing in aerial, acrobatics, dance and movement direction. She is an adjunct professor of Aerial Arts at Pace University, on staff at Aerial Arts NYC and The Muse Brooklyn and initiated the Aerial program at Muhlenberg College where she taught from 2011 - 2017. Her movement direction contributed to Circle Theater NYC’s production of The Mountain winning Outstanding Original Choreography/Movement, 2015. She co-choreographed The Battles, a musical voted by Broadway producer Ken Davenport one of the top 10 new scripts of 2016. Madeline's choreography has been presented at Dixon Place, Circus Warehouse, BAX, The House of Yes, Abron Arts Center, Times Square, The Flea, STREB, Galapagos, and The Muse. She received BAs in Dance and Theater from Muhlenberg College and is currently studying at NYU’s Gallatin school of Individualized Study where she is designing a master’s degree in circus studies with a focus on dramaturgy and creative processes.