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Broadweigh Supports Monkey-Rigging for Record Breaking Tightrope Event in Ireland

Leading load cell company Broadweigh, will support the much anticipated Wires Crossed tightrope event in Galway, Ireland by supplying Monkey Rigging with the necessary kit to monitor the loads. The event, which was originally scheduled for August 2020, but has now been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation, is a European wide community participation project revolving around ‘funambulism’, the art of tight-wire walking using a balancing pole. During the event, 400 tightrope walkers from all over Europe will cross the Galway River for a duration of 2020 minutes.

Andrea Mamolenti, founder of Monkey Rigging explained: “Monkey Rigging is working with Andrea Loreni – the only funambulist in Italy – on the measurement of the tightrope walker set-ups. We are also collaborating with him for the technical design of the preparations for the Italian team for the event. The kind donation of the Broadweigh kit will give us peace of mind that the safety of the performers is taken care of from a load monitoring perspective.”

Andrea and his team at Monkey Rigging rely on Broadweigh load cells for all the work they carry out for contemporary circus and aerial performers. Sometimes they are used as part of the hanging system for the performers and in cases where continuous monitoring of the loads on the structures is needed. Andrea explained: “We are very loyal Broadweigh customers. In situations where the structure has sufficient but limited carrying capacity, it is vital that we monitor the loads and have continuous feedback, with the data collected by cells ensuring that these limits are respected. As for the spaces, we deal with installations in theatres, on existing structures not originally intended for hanging performers, or on structures and systems specially designed and prepared for performances…”

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