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Calixte de Nigremont, Master of Ceremonies

The word ‘unique’ is misused and overused these days but it is the only fitting description for the wonderful Calixte de Nigremont, master of ceremonies, man of letters and concepteur de joyeusetés. We first saw him MC-ing at the Cirque de Demain festival of young circus artists in Paris, at the bijou Cirque d’Hiver. It is a position he has held for 12 years, there and in its current home at Cirque Phénix.

Instead of a ringmaster, out came this… phantom from the 18th century, sporting a ruff, face painted white. His delivery, even with our terrible French, was wonderfully erudite. He looked amazing, otherworldly, and maybe a little scary… In real life he is charm itself, and as he prepares for this year’s Demain, he graciously grants an audience to Adrian Arratoon.


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