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Cavalia’s Odysseo Transports Us with Mythology

When a show’s slogan is ‘The Best Show Ever’ I take it as a personal invitation to test that theory with as much skepticism as possible. Still, I went to see Cavalia’s Odysseo with hopeful expectations, and in truth, they were all well met. The production value was beyond Hollywood level. The performances were full of poignant beauty and drama. The music (by composer Michel Cusson) was live and as flowy as Stevie Nicks in a meadow, with a singer (Valentina Spreca) who roved throughout the show like Stevie Nicks in a meadow. But it wasn’t all meadows– the scenery was eye-poppingly lush and exotically global. Combined with the ornate costumes and the blend of horse breeds and skills, Game of Thronesesque pageantry and circus, the whole show was enthralling. Really, bravo! It shouldn’t be surprising when you consider this production has been a blockbuster on tour since 2011. They’ve had plenty of time to tweak and perfect each act. Speaking of acts, there are 12 of them, which although quite a lot, didn’t surprise me either, since the show seems to have an undefined romance and mythology to it, with acts alluding to seasons and weather and unspecific but dramatic locales…

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