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Circus Immersion: It’s More Than Just Throwing Objects in the Air

In this short series titled Circus Immersion, Martin Frennette explores the ins and outs of a circus discipline through the eyes of its practitioners, starting with juggling.
Juggling. One word that evokes different images to each and every one. A Mexican man running in the center of the ring, tossing and catching spinning clubs as quickly as the orchestra’s high-speed music. A tall, slender, French man walking on stage, balancing a ball on the top of his head, and articulating his long limbs across the floor while manipulating the light sphere. Here comes the show’s femme fatale with her umbrella and foot juggling balls. They’re bouncing off her feet while she’s trying to seduce and connect with the audience with her lower body alone. One was born in the family’s circus, a chance encounter at a street’s juggling show geared the other away from dance studios and towards circus school. The last one, bored with acro sport, rediscovered her body and its abilities at Kyiv’s art academy. Three different styles, three very different paths, and yet one unifying point: juggling. ...
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Martin Frenette

Impassioned by performing arts, Martin Frenette started intensive dance training at a very young age before trading pliés and barres for ropes and somersaults at Montreal National Circus School. He has spent a decade performing in several shows in Europe, such as Circus Monti, Chamäleon Theater, Wintergarten Varieté, Cirque Bouffon, GOP Show Concepts or the Max Entertainment Palace, to name a few. Writing has always been one of Martin's passions and he's thrilled to join Circus Talk's team to share his views on shows, the stage and what's going on behind the scenes with other performing arts enthusiasts!