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Circus Review: Video Captures Thrills of Cirque du Soleil Artists

The thrill of watching performers work their bodies in ways most of us would never think of, comes through your television or computer screen with a strong impact during a video version of the Circus Arts Conservatory’s special benefit production “Prevail.”

The show was put together after the annual Big Top Circus Sarasota event was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. In its place, the organization that also operates the Sarasota Sailor Circus has brought together about a dozen incredible performers, many of whom have spent years touring the world with Cirque du Soleil shows.

The production has been presented live for two weekends in the Sailor Circus Arena, and now a recording of the performance is available for home streaming through March 31. The $25 fee supports the organization’s educational operations. All the performers, some of whom have been coaching Sailor Circus students while their shows are closed, donated their appearances. The video version also provides a little context of the history of circus in Sarasota, with a collection of old photos.

Of course, nothing is quite as exciting as actually being in the arena, hearing all the oohs, aahs and other gasps. But this video presentation does a fine job of capturing the joyous nature of the performers and the tension of dangerous acts. The cameras are well used to give occasional close-ups, while allowing the viewer plenty of time to experience it almost as if you were in an arena seat.

The acts are a mix of grace, strength, cleverness and humor…

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