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Cirque Éloize at Opening of World Men’s Handball Championship Egypt 2021

Recently, Cirque Eloize took on an international circus contract, one of the few in existence during the height of a world pandemic, in order to take part in an opening ceremony in Egypt. As the pandemic lingers, more artists and companies find themselves in the impossible position of having to choose between the risk of spreading a virus and that of working (and staying in business) at all.

In the midst of COVID-19 and pandemic hardship, Cirque Éloize was able to provide a performance for the World Men’s Handball Championship in Cairo, Egypt. This ceremony was not only a respite from coronavirus, but also a product of the collaboration between Egyptian representatives and Canadian creative industry leaders.

Jasmine Wahhab, Senior Trade Commissioner of Canadian Embassy in Egypt, said, “The terrific success of the 27th IHF World Men’s Handball Championship Opening Ceremony yesterday at the New Administration Capital in Cairo, gave the whole world an uplifting break from unprecedented challenges dictated by COVID19 pandemic. This is not a personal impression, but shared with friends and colleagues around corners of the world. Everyone admired how watching the opening ceremony was a gateway to contemporary circus performance and a breather in the middle of global panic and disinformation.

The ceremony was directed, produced and showcased by Canadian Cirque Éloize, that creatively blended technology, with elements of drama and humanity, presenting a top-notch and exquisite merge of awe-inspiring circus arts, theatre, performance and music, light shows to convey conceptual idea and theme design, to the audience.”

Over the past years, the Trade Team at the Embassy of Canada in Egypt worked tirelessly to foster partnerships between Egyptian representatives and Canadian creative industry leaders. The fact that Éloize Entertainment, the special projects division of Cirque Éloize, have designed, produced and performed the opening ceremony as streamed yesterday; is a testament to the strong collaborative relationship that exists between our two countries. Cirque Éloize is a driving force of Quebec’s cultural radiance for more than 27 years. Cirque Éloize creates, produces and offers touching shows with a poetic signature. Considered a leader in contemporary circus, Éloize combines circus arts with music, dance, technology and theater. Its creations have been acclaimed by over three million spectators and cumulate more than 5,000 performances in some 575 cities around the world. Cirque Éloize was founded in 1993 by 7 artists in the small island of Îles-de-la-Madeleine, located in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence River. Back then Jeannot Painchaud (now CEO), envisioned that the Quebec-based contemporary circus will be touring the globe beyond the banks of St. Lawrence.

Yesterday, Jeannot Painchaud, President and Chief of Creation, of Cirque Éloize, said, “We were so happy to know that creative pitch of Éloize Entertainment, the special projects division of Cirque Éloize, won!! especially during these global challenging times. Creative industries have been impacted greatly by the pandemic like others, however working from home was clogging our teams’ vital creativity as they thrive through humane and spatial dialogues. This remarkable and historic opportunity allowed us to get together again around a significant and inspiring project which gave us the opportunity to do what we love most – entertain people in a meaningful way. We were delighted to put our creative heads together again and develop the concept of the opening ceremony, and fully empowering our cross-functional teams to work and deliver an astonishing production — which is what drives us.”

Jasmine added, “Athletic and artistic creativity are immunity boosters of our communities, and the outstanding marvel of yesterday’s opening ceremony, speaks loud of  devoted and combined efforts, especially for those behind the scenes, in Canada and Egypt — all determined to overcome unprecedented challenges. We are proud to witness history in the making with Cirque Éloize participating in the first international sports event held at the New Administration Capital of Cairo. Canadian-Egyptian bilateral relations will continue to take breakthrough innovative partnerships to new levels, and we hope 2021 will grasp exceptional synergies.”

Originally Published by the Embassy of Canada in Egypt